Lucy Ghata

When I came to coaching I was stressed and overwhelmed with everyday life and with my work. I am a very busy mum balancing kids, work and studying for a Master’s Degree.

I hoped to gain insight into what was specifically triggering my stress and gain strategies to help me cope. After the first session I felt excited that I could work through some issues and  I realised just how stressed I was and I knew I wanted to change.

My husband has noticed that I’m less stressed and commented that I’m much calmer with my studies this time around. I still get overwhelmed at times but I know how to bring myself back now. I have changed things in my life and they’ve now become habits  - like stretching and breathing exercises daily - and these things have really helped me.

The whole experience was eye-opening, positive and rejuvenating. Thank you Emma you are so good at what you do. From little things, big things grow.

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Abby Wark

When I came to coaching I was struggling to find any time for myself, and felt I was unable to keep a positive mindset in my day to day life as well as concentrate on the things that I love to do. I needed change but also knew I needed help to do it. I was getting bogged down by feeling like “just a mum”.

Going in I didn’t really know what to expect - I was excited and a little nervous. By the end of the first session I really felt that change is possible if you let it happen! I knew I had to find the time to work on the things that I wanted to change and that if I did I could be a happier person.

Since  my coaching series with Emma my mindset is more positive and relaxed and I don’t fly off the handle as much as I used to! My husband says I am more relaxed and happier than ever before. During our series I also took the leap and started my own market stall selling the jewellery I make - I had wanted to do this for a long time but had been too scared.

I would describe a series with Emma as positive, refreshing & inspiring. Emma is a fantastic coach. She is so easy to talk to and open up to without any judgement.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience Emma.


Bridget Ann Murray

Before my coaching series with Emma I was struggling with a lot of self-judgement and negative self-belief which were stopping me from enjoying my life and moving forward. I’d never been coached before and was unsure of what to expect - I didn’t think my goals were “big” enough for coaching. Emma was very professional but relaxed and made me feel very safe. She sets the perfect tone to make you feel comfortable.

My partner has noticed how much more relaxed I am - if I don’t want to do something I don’t and I am enjoying the present moment more as I’m not constantly feeling I “should” be doing something else. The biggest change I’ve noticed is feelings of inner peace - I don’t beat myself up for relaxing and now notice what is nurturing for me and how those things bring balance to my life. I have brought a lot of awareness around my thoughts too.

Emma always asks the right questions to get down to what’s really going on and I really enjoyed every session - even when I was crying! I am very proud of achieving my goals and I would describe the whole experience as empowering, balanced and safe.


Natasha Tay

My coaching series with Emma was joy-filled, insightful and empowering. Going into this series my expectations were kind of high as I had received coaching before and experienced great benefit personally and professionally.

From the first session with Emma I felt we had instant rapport. I was even more positive that what I wanted from coaching could be achieved after hearing what she had uncovered from my questionnaire - I definitely felt heard and seen.

People have been telling me recently how inspired they are by my life and how things are taking off for me and I believe this is because coaching got me blogging again. The negative self-talk doesn’t cripple me any more, I have been more in tune with my intuition and feeling more confident about my writing. Probably the biggest celebration for me was taking the leap to quit my second job - which I thought was not possible at this time - to focus 100% on my own businesses. That was a huge turning point in our coaching!

Emma you were amazing and I am over the moon with where my life is at right now and the direction it is heading in. Thank you so much! If anything, I only wish our time together could have been longer.