Re-Writing Your Story

I find it so inspiring as a coach when people begin to recognise that their inner dialogue and the stories they tell others about themselves are no longer relevant. Fake. They call their own bluff and have to face the fact that they’ve held onto these old stories because they’re familiar, they’re a default response and facing a future in which a new story comes alive can be scary. I’d love to know what story you feel it’s time to let go of and how you plan to intentionally create a new one that limitlessly embraces you and your gifts.

A Favourite Passage about Purpose

I find this passage from Anam Cara by John O’Donohue spine-tinglingly beautiful. If this doesn’t inspire you to step up into your potential then I’m a monkey’s uncle. Apologies about the nostril close-up - not sure what happened there with filming…..just close your eyes and listen!!

Gaining a Higher Perspective

Ever felt like you’re stuck - whether that’s a specific situation or in your life in general? Like you’re flailing about,pushing or pulling fruitlessly - without the clear-sightedness to know what’s really going on? I’ve got a story to tell that you might be able to relate to your own life in this situation…

Taking the Edge Off

These musings are around our constant reaching for things that take the edge off our uncomfortable emotions. When we do this we are reinforcing “Samskaras” our habitual patterns that see us continue to suffer. Pema Chodron teaches from the Buddhist perspective which aligns beautifully with the yogic one - that within the discomfort lies pure wisdom. If only we can be with it.

Making Time for Remembering

The practices of yoga are tools for remembering. For connecting to body, breath, mind and heart. To spirit. They help us uncover the inner light that is dimmed by the daily grind. By our conditioning that tells us to judge our worth by what we achieve, how much we own, what we look like or what we weigh. By our external focus and denial of our inherent divinity. Unless we set aside time to begin to look inward, to be with what is arising within us without trying to numb it or cover it over or push it away then we will never have the space we crave nor the true-sightedness and clarity that comes with inner listening. Here’s my thoughts….I’d love to hear what you could do to cultivate inner connection.