Taking the Edge Off

These musings are around our constant reaching for things that take the edge off our uncomfortable emotions. When we do this we are reinforcing “Samskaras” our habitual patterns that see us continue to suffer. Pema Chodron teaches from the Buddhist perspective which aligns beautifully with the yogic one - that within the discomfort lies pure wisdom. If only we can be with it.

Making Time for Remembering

The practices of yoga are tools for remembering. For connecting to body, breath, mind and heart. To spirit. They help us uncover the inner light that is dimmed by the daily grind. By our conditioning that tells us to judge our worth by what we achieve, how much we own, what we look like or what we weigh. By our external focus and denial of our inherent divinity. Unless we set aside time to begin to look inward, to be with what is arising within us without trying to numb it or cover it over or push it away then we will never have the space we crave nor the true-sightedness and clarity that comes with inner listening. Here’s my thoughts….I’d love to hear what you could do to cultivate inner connection.

Stop and reflect when you hear yourself saying "I don't have time"!!

“I don’t have time” is a phrase I’ve been hearing quite regularly (myself included). At certain times when I’ve heard myself thinking this I’ve had to pause and be really honest with myself. We all have the same time available and for me it’s all about how you are prioritising the things you value. I’d love to hear your thoughts!! If you’d like a PDF of reflection prompts to guide you through a process of turning this limiting belief around CLICK HERE!

Openness Requires No Effort

I’ve just started exploring the teachings of Pema Chodron - who is a Western Buddhist Nun, author and teacher - and they are so beautiful and very much linked to the teachings of Yoga. In this VLOG I share a quote from her about self existing openness. I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you might uncover this openness for yourself in your daily life - comment below.