Tips for Sticking to Your Habits this Spring!

If you’re anything like me perhaps some of your healthy habits have slid a little off course this Winter amidst too many vegan cookies and cups of chai??

I’ve been revisiting the science of habit change this week to get back on track and have share here some tips for gaining momentum with those new daily routines you want to adopt - it’s all in the trigger!! I have found this SO helpful in sticking to small changes that add up over time - it’s the way to go.



What to try when you're having trouble committing!

I've recently committed to walking up the Byron lighthouse once a week and it had me pondering why sometimes we have so much trouble sticking to what we say we want.

In this clip I present some ideas that may help you next time you're procrastinating, feeling guilty about taking that time for yourself or feeling like "I should be..."

I'd love to know any tips you have for combating commitment conundrums!! Comment below.

Emma x