Lessons on Fear

My trip to Victoria to teach at the world’s largest women’s festival brought up some powerful emotions for me. Here I offer encouragement to anyone being called to “step up” but who’s also feeling fairly fearful of that simultaneously. I’d love to hear the ways that you’ve been “stepping up” and out of your comfort zone lately. Comment below x

Prioritising You

These days it’s hard to find time to yourself - that’s why you have to MAKE time. These 3 tips empower you to take the reins and reclaim some necessary and well-deserved alone time to do those things that bring you alive. The cap is on as my hair was super messy and salty after a morning surf at Belongil - alone time well spent!!

Observing Nature and Her Rhythms

If you are feeling a sense of disconnection, of “scattered-ness” or overwhelm - not sure what step to take next with a particular issue then maybe even a short time in nature could be the remedy? How long since you breathed her in?

Reclaiming the Sacred in 2019

This year has been huge both professionally and in terms of personal growth - stepping up and outside my comfort zone which looks set to continue in 2019. A large part of what has kept me calm (for the most part) is a focus on the sacred aspects of everyday life. Greeting each day with a knowing that whether or not I “succeed” in my actions is irrelevant as the beauty and divinity around me reveal a deeper truth and knowing that all is magnificent. Watch below for some reflective questions to prompt a sacred entry into 2019. I wish for you a peaceful and joyful Christmas and New Year with much love.

Do you want to decide how your life moves ahead?

Making a change starts with admitting things aren’t going so well. For some of us (me) that can take a long time - to actually admit it - because it’s easier to bury your head in the sand than to take those first steps. I lived with inner turmoil for many, many years and it became my normal. It was how I was and I tried to get on with things. To change takes courage and getting comfortable with discomfort but I promise you it’s worth it. Listen in for my musings on this process….if you really desire change in your life but feel you need clarity and accountability in 2019 then check out my coaching offerings here on the ‘Coaching’ page.