What is hope?

There’s times in business and in life that all hope seems lost. Perhaps we’re on the brink of giving up on a long held dream or secret longing. Perhaps it seems we’ll never achieve that change that laps at the edges of our daily thoughts. Maybe it seems that nothing is going right. I’ve definitely had those moments - they creep up on me when I’m tired. Generally I just need to go to bed early and get over the hopelessness trying to crawl its way in. But this quote by Brene Brown is one to keep on hand for times when you need to inspire extra hope and tenacity!!

Taking the time to look up!!

My recent trip to Tassie to speak at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy ‘s Inspiration Day in Hobart was an amazing experience of connection, stepping up, trusting myself and my voice and once again moving beyond the fear! I had a wonderful time and I recount here a story from my trip home that got me thinking about how often we actually “look up” to see where we’re headed and where we’ve arrived at! As always I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Lessons on Fear

My trip to Victoria to teach at the world’s largest women’s festival brought up some powerful emotions for me. Here I offer encouragement to anyone being called to “step up” but who’s also feeling fairly fearful of that simultaneously. I’d love to hear the ways that you’ve been “stepping up” and out of your comfort zone lately. Comment below x

Prioritising You

These days it’s hard to find time to yourself - that’s why you have to MAKE time. These 3 tips empower you to take the reins and reclaim some necessary and well-deserved alone time to do those things that bring you alive. The cap is on as my hair was super messy and salty after a morning surf at Belongil - alone time well spent!!

Observing Nature and Her Rhythms

If you are feeling a sense of disconnection, of “scattered-ness” or overwhelm - not sure what step to take next with a particular issue then maybe even a short time in nature could be the remedy? How long since you breathed her in?