How we can work together:

My coaching offerings support depleted mothers who are feeling the stress and strain of the juggling act that is modern parenting. Mothers who give so much to everyone else and need the space and support to put their own needs back on the agenda.

I help you you to reconnect to yourself at a deeper level, to re-prioritise your own care and reignite your passions. To give yourself permission (guilt free) to look after number one so that you can move through your busy days with more presence and ease.

My many years as a yoga practitioner and experience as a yoga and meditation teacher allow you to draw on the many tools and practices of yoga should you wish to, in order to create specific calming and nurturing habits and rituals that support you physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Your habits create your life and your own life and dreams - beyond being “mum” - matter.

I am there to question you, to listen deeply, to hold you accountable to what you say you want and support you through self-imposed limitations. My role is to see the truth of what’s going on and gently support you to own it.


Any of this sound familiar?

^ Your life looks completely lovely from the outside but within you there’s a voice calling for change - you’re not sure what change (nor how to start) and you’re a little bit scared of it. You have a feeling it’s beyond your comfort zone.

^ Your self-care is minimal or non-existent (apart from a quick gym or yoga class here and there). Your kids take up all of your time and you constantly put their needs before your own - out of guilt or habit or both. You know that if you don’t make some changes you’re on the path to adrenal fatigue.

^ Most mornings you hit your snooze button more than once before your kids call out for breakfast and pull you out of bed. You’re grumpy and reactive in the stress of morning routines and you wish you could deal with it differently.

^ You rely on caffeine to get you through the day (possibly with wine and/or chocolate in the evening) and you know it’s not helping things but you it brings some temporary relief.

^ You’re low in energy and not nourishing yourself even though you know what to eat (you could create an e-book out of the green smoothie recipes you’ve googled!). You also sense that the sustenance you need is at a deeper level.

^ You rush from one task or activity to the next and never feel fully present for what’s right in front of you. You feel “tired but wired” and your sleep is not rejuvenating.

^ You say or think “I should….” A LOT! You feel pressure from within to be more, do more and achieve more which is exhausting. You’ve tried to make changes but can’t seem to make any stick.

^Maybe your kids are a little older, going to school and you have started to think 'Now what?' Motherhood has changed you irrevocably and you've lost touch with what you want for your future.

^ You have a feeling that you’re holding yourself back and not living the life you'd imagined but you can’t seem to get out of your own way.

Your soul is calling for connection and you’ve ignored it too long - it’s getting louder and more urgent. It’s not going to go away.


I get how busy it is to be a mum - you don’t have time to meditate for hours on end. 

My coaching is all about micro, achievable, sustainable change.

Outcomes we commit to:

  • Deep reflection to bring intention and purpose to your days, months and years.

  • A greater awareness of your inner life & dialogue and a commitment to truthfulness and fearlessness.

  • Creation of supportive, nurturing daily routines to feel grounded and energised.

  • Soul-aligned action to get yourself where you want to go - with me holding you accountable.

  • Feeling in control, energised, more confident and more able to cope with the stresses of parenthood.

  • Development of Personalised spiritual practices to cultivate calm and foster freedom in body, mind and heart.

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Soul Submersion Session $120

What's included:

Soul Survey
Completed prior to the Soul Submersion Session, the survey allows you to ignite deep reflection on the areas of your life that are working well and those that need tweaking - either a little or a lot. Many clients find by simply completing this questionnaire the ball starts to roll in the direction of change.

Soul-Spark Call
This is a complimentary 20 minute discussion on Skype or phone for us to connect and for you to learn more about how we might work together and ask any questions you may have. There is absolutely no obligation to sign up for a series should you decide it is not for you at this time.

1hr 15 min Intensive Coaching Session (via Skype or in person) where I’ll help you gain clarity around the changes you desire and your vision for the life you want to lead. We’ll set 3 inspiring and challenging goals, plus action steps you can take immediately to move towards them.

Soul Support Follow Up

A fortnight after our Soul Submersion Session I’ll check-in with you via 2 emails to see how you're going and offer my support and feedback to encourage you or bust through any blocks that have arisen.


Soul Series

6 Sessions @ $120 per session

What's Included:

1 x "Soul Survey"

1 x 20 minute "Soul-Spark" Call

6 x 1 hour coaching sessions - fortnightly

Goal-Setting: Our first session sees us set some inspiring and challenging goals which provide an anchor throughout the coaching process. You then decide on targeted action steps for each goal to find your starting point as a foundation from which to expand and grow to your full capacity.

A Safe Space of Encouragement and Support: The actions set each session are never random but rather targeted at achieving your focused and specific goals. I have a knack for sensing what might be going on for you at a deeper level. It is my role to act upon my intuition and ask the questions that need to be asked.

Soul-Support Email Contact & Accountability Check-ins: Between our fortnightly sessions I will be available via email to support, listen, challenge, question and cheer-lead should you want it!! My main role is to hold you accountable to what you say you truly want. I will message you once to see how you are going with your action steps for the fortnight to keep you on track and motivated.

Soul-Support Worksheets: Exclusive access to tailor made worksheets with informative and reflective exercises to go deeper and find the root of any issue or blocks that arise.


When you sign for a 3 month Soul Series you also receive:

My Energising 20 minute Morning Yoga / Meditation Sequence Video

Your Goals to Print and Hang - A PDF of your goals with an inspiring background photograph for you to print off and connect with daily - to keep you focused on your desired outcome.

Customised Resource Library - Access to a carefully curated list of online articles, book recommendations, audio and video lectures and podcasts on a range of relevant topics for learning, reflection and implementation to escalate your self-development.


Extra Special Series Bonuses:

+ Jala "Soul Scripts" My custom audio and video recordings including specific yoga poses, breathing practices, mantra or guided relaxation to de-stress, unwind, create positivity, release anxiety or re-energise. Think of these as a prescription for your soul!

Created JUST FOR YOU based on your current needs.

Valued at $30 per 30 minute session.

++ 20% off one Jala Yoga Workshop, Retreat Day or 6 week yoga course with me!! Click here to see what's currently on offer.

Come home to yourself - the you beyond “mum” - the you that’s been left behind. The you behind the overwhelm & beneath the exhaustion.

I’m waiting to support you.

If any of this resonates and you feel a flicker of recognition in even one thing you’ve read here please reach out to me. I’d love you to connect and take me up on my complimentary Soul Spark Call to see how we might work together.

Call me or submit the form below to register your interest. 


I will be in touch very soon. The Soul SUrvey & Soul Spark Call is obligation free - the choice is completely yours as to whether you go ahead with a coaching session or series. Even in that 20 minutes the intention is to ignite the spark and fan the fire of change.

Don’t ignore the call any longer mama. The world wants you firing on all cylinders again!

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