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                                          SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE!

                                          SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE!

Located on Pacific Esplanade (20 minutes North of Byron Bay)

The South Golden Beach Community Centre is a bright and airy space nestled behind the dunes on Pacific Esplanade.It is perfectly positioned to capture the cool ocean breezes carrying the sound of the waves as a background to our practice.

Thursday 9:30-11am

Akhanda General Hatha

This class is a traditional hatha yoga class beginning with sun salutations to warm the body but then becoming a more static class where poses are held for a longer period with a focus on breath and alignment. Very grounding and designed to create space in the body and mind due to longer holding of postures. This class balances strength and flexibility, cleanses the body and tunes you in to be able to listen to the messages of the body. It includes basic pranayama techniques, mantra, a short yoga nidra as well as yogic philosophy interwoven throughout.

Friday 9:30-11am

Akhanda Flow Class - Level II

Akhanda Flow begins with a heating, dynamic, standing practice flowing through a number of vinyasas, building strength and flexibility. We build to a sequence of backbends which can be modified according to capabilities and finish with seated postures, twists and  "work-shopping" of some poses to delve more deeply into correct alignment. Inversions are included. We finish with calming pranayama to focus the mind, a short yoga nidra practice for complete relaxation, as well as embedded yogic philosophy. Some experience of yoga is beneficial but all levels welcome. 


Saturday 7:15-8:15am

Akhanda Slow Flow - Level I & II

This earlier morning class is designed to awaken and refresh the body to greet the day feeling grounded and calm. A dynamic class yet adaptable to all levels of ability. There will be a general focus on the major joints of the body to improve flow of prana - our life force energy. A short guided relaxation will end the class to imbue your day with peace. A dip in the ocean after class (merely metres away) will top off your morning and send you cruising into your weekend.

| corporate or private yoga sessions |

A private yoga session can be a great way to start out when a full class feels intimidating - learn the basics before you commit to a public class.They can also be wonderful for those recovering from injury, illness or chronic pain as Emma can take it at a pace that is guided by you. Emma can focus on alignment challenges specific to you, target specific outcomes that you'd like to achieve personally and work from where you're at. It can also be a really fun thing to do with a group of friends, on a weekend away or pre-wedding activity. 


One on one:  $70

Group of 3 or 4:     $25 / head

Group of 5 or more: $20 / head


*contact Emma on 0406 090 791 

| about akhanda yoga |

'Akhanda' in Sanskrit means "unbroken" or "indivisible". The Akhanda style is a holistic, traditional hatha yoga practice as developed by Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu. It incorporates all aspects of yoga including mantra, pranayama, asana and meditation. Emma trained with Nick and Radha of Akhanda Yoga Australia.

Each class with Emma has a theme for contemplation and incorporation into the practice on the mat and for taking off the mat into daily life. Emma's teaching style is inclusive of beginner and intermediate practitioners alike, with a strong focus on alignment and connection to breath.